My projects (2016)

Well… you already know it ! You are on this website !

Technologies used :

  • Markdown
  • Web technologies
  • Sass

Gamory (2015)

Coming soon…

Geothermal project (2015)

Projet géothermie

A school final project used by students in thermal and energy engineering. It can acquire values from sensors connected on Arduino(s), then a web application display them on a timed graph and sensors in a 3D environment.

I contributed in the Arduino part of this project.

Technologies used :

  • C++ (Arduino)
  • CMake
  • Web technologies
  • Google tests

Ubuntu Document Viewer App (2014)

Ubuntu Document Viewer App

An open sourced Document Viewer application for Ubuntu devices. I was the main contributor in the start of the project. Today, the project count more than 30 contributors from all around the world.

Technologies used :

  • QML (Qt5)
  • C++
  • Javascript

Dynastycraft (2012)

Dynastycraft was a French Minecraft server and a collection of custom tools linked to Minecraft servers. It was also a website with a big community.

The server itself was a fork of the Bukkit project and the client is built by reverse-engineering.

The website was running in top of the CakePHP framework.

Technologies used :

  • Web technologies
  • Java

Detect-hand (2011)

A very very small first project with OpenCV. This one is able to detect your hand from a camera and move the cursor.

Sources. (it might not work, as said before it is a very very small and very old project)

Technologies used :

  • OpenCV
  • C++