About me

Hey ! I am Anthony Granger, a 21 years old developper living in the center of France. Apparently you got lost on my website but, hey, stay calm ! Everything will be ok.

What am I doing ?

With a high school diploma in sciences and a two years university degree in technology, I am currently having sandwich courses in order to be an IT manager. I am working in web development, both frontend and backend. Even if code is fun, I also take care of Linux servers with all my love and always help other in order to find the best optimized way to do stuff… Well, in reality I would like to make things run in the most optimal way possible, but I just try to move towards.

As you may already know, I am a free software enthusiast. Feeding penguins all day long and sharing them with my little world. In fact, you are reading a page written with a free software (Vim), rendered with an another free one (Jekyll) and served by a machine running under Linux.

And remember, a free software is…

free as in free speech not as in free beer, Richard Stallman

Oh and, very important, I love music. Not only listening to it, but also playing clarinet and piano.

My website

This website is entirerly open sourced, so feel free to have a look inside via my GitHub. You can, also, send me issues if anything here is not working well for you. I will always try to answer you as fast as possible ! Even if this is a personnal website, contributions from all over the world are permitted and encouraged.


Version: 3.1
GCS/E/IT/M/MU/S d->+ s: a-- C++$ UL+++>++++$ P+ L+++>$ E--- W+++$ !N o--? K--? w O? M V? PS+ PE Y+ PGP++ t+ 5? X R tv- b++ DI+ D+ G e++ h+ r+ y?
------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ 


You can find my PGP public key on the page Contact.


If you are one of those people carring about licensing stuff (and if so, please let me give you a virtual kiss), or just curious about your rights this paragraph is for you. Every content from this website is under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license. It mean that you are free to copy, redistribute and adapt my content as long as you :

  • provide my name and a link to the original content
  • provide a link to the license
  • indicate if any changes were made
  • share under the same license (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Get more informations about this license in a human readable format or get the legal license.